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Orange Seeds Music Statement

Orange Seeds has no "style" or "categories" by itself. We deny the use of tokens to introduce ourselves to other minds. Other will surely label us, but we refuse to restrain ourselves this way. We play music and sing words, prose or poetry. We could as well play what you would call reggae/punk/rock/metal/whatever/ska. For now, we just play the music that we like and that's how it must be.

I also personnally believe that music is not an end to itself. Music is and has been for as long as human remembers, a way to communicate feelings but also and most of all, a message. Songs of hate, joy, war, peace, are not bound to a single music but are expressed in many different kinds of rythms and harmonies. I play music because I have something to say. Not because I want to sell records or be known as a superstar.

We can and we will stay independant. We'll produce our own shit the way we like it, and no fucking marketing president is going to tell me different. This doesn't mean that we're not going to sign any contract, but it does mean that we'll be careful at choosing our distributors if we do. Our music and our lyrics are ours. I don't want my songs to be played in a fucking Chrysler's commercial or in any freaking megacorps madness, for that matter..

However, we're not giving our music to the public domain yet. This is simply because we don't want to have our music representing or used by people or causes we do not like or do not agree with. Here is our "copyright statement:"

Orange Seeds Music License

As time passes and our music production goes up along with the shows and al., it becomes increasingly obivious that Orange Seeds will have to deal with business that is slightly 'apart' from the music itself that we play. This is sad, but it seems that there is not much of an alternative, or at least not until we create one. Money, music copyrights, and a lot of futile institutionalized nightmares immediatly comes to mind... That is why we have decided to take a stance in this masquerade that will allow us to take full power of our music and ourselves.

We have changed our license. The old one (now invalid) is still available on this website. We have decided to use a more generic and widely known license: the OpenMusic yellow license. Consider all of our work with copyrights statement pointing to the old OSML to bear the following license as of right now.

In short, this license gives you the right to private use, distribution, modification and broadcasting of our work, but forbids commercial use, distribution, modification or broadcasting without our explicit consent. For a handy comparison between the different OpenMusic licenses, please see this chart. For a more exhaustive comparison between other licenses, please see the EFF's chart.

For any use of our work that does not fit into the scope of this license, please contact us directly.

LinuxTag Yellow OpenMusic License
Draft v1.1, 22 April 2001


The OpenMusic works may be reproduced and distributed in whole or in
part, in any medium physical or electronic, provided that the terms of
this license are adhered to, and that this license or an incorporation
of it by reference (with any options elected by the author(s) and/or
publisher) is displayed in the reproduction.

Proper form for an incorporation by reference is as follows: Copyright
(c) <year> by <author's name or designee>. This material may be
distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the
Yellow OpenMusic License, vX.Y or later (the latest version is
presently available at The reference
must be immediately followed with any options elected by the author(s)
and/or publisher of the work (see section VII). The refence must be
incoporated in any publication of the work, either physical or
electronic. If the work is broadcasted, or the reference can not be
incorporated by physical means, the reference can be ommitted with
prior permission obtained from the copyright holder.

Any publication in physical form (like a CD) shall require the
citation of the original publisher and author. The publisher and
author's names shall appear on all outer surfaces of the product. On
all outer surfaces of the product the original publisher's name shall
be as large as the title of the work and cited as possessive with
respect to the title.


The copyright to each OpenMusic is owned by its author(s) or
designee. If the work covered by this license is bound to a specific
transport medium (see section VII), it is possible for the author(s)
or designee to publish the work on a different medium covered by a
different license.


The following license terms apply to all YELLOW OpenMusic works,
unless otherwise explicitly stated.

Mere aggregation of OpenMusic works or a portion of an OpenMusic work
with other works on the same media shall not cause this license to
apply to those other works. The aggregate work shall contain a notice
specifying the inclusion of the OpenMusic material and appropriate
copyright notice.

SEVERABILITY. If any part of this license is found to be unenforceable
in any jurisdiction, the remaining portions of the license remain in

NO WARRANTY. OpenMusic works are licensed and provided "as is" without
warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited
to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose or a warranty of non-infringement.


All modified versions of works covered by this license, including
partial works incorporated into new works, must meet the following

    * The modified version must be labeled as such.
    * The person making the modifications must be identified and the
    modifications dated.
    * The location of the original unmodified work must be identified.
    * The original author's (or authors') name(s) may not be used to
     assert or imply endorsement of the resulting work without the
     original author's (or authors') permission.
    * The new work has to be released under precisely this License, with
    the modified version filling the role of the work, thus licensing
    distribution and modification of the modified version to whoever
    possesses a copy of it.


In addition to the requirements of this license, it is requested from
and strongly recommended of redistributors that: If you are
distributing OpenMusic works in physical form, you provide email
notification to the authors of your intent to redistribute at least
thirty days before your media freeze, to give the authors time to
provide updated works. This notification should describe
modifications, if any, made to the work. All substantive modifications
(including deletions) be described in an attachment to the
work. Finally, while it is not mandatory under this license, it is
considered good form to offer a free copy of any physical form
expression of an OpenMusic-licensed work to its author(s).


The publication of this work or derivative works in whole or in part
in standard (physical) form for commercial purposes is prohibited
unless prior permission is obtained from the copyright
holder. "Commercial purposes" include any broadcasting via commercial
networks, commercial hiring, commercial copying and lending and
commercial public performance.


The author(s) and/or publisher of an OpenMusic-licensed document may
bind any publication of this work or derivative works in whole or in
part on a specific transport medium (for example "digital distribution
via the Internet"). Exceptions can be made with prior permission from
the copyright holder.

This option is selected by appending language to the reference to or
copy of the license. This option is considered part of the license
instance and must be included with the license (or its incorporation
by reference) in derived works.

To accomplish this, add the phrase "Distribution of the work or
derivative of the work is restricted to <insert medium here> unless
prior permission is obtained from the copyright holder." to the
license reference or copy.

Please note that there was a rant I wrote a while ago that was getting too old and that I moved to a seperate file.

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