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Orange Seeds is a band formed in Montreal somewhere in the year 2000. The setup is simple:

  • On the guitar/voice: Quenouille
  • On the bass/voice: Folipon
  • On the drums: Necro Mike, the one and only naked drummer with high heels.

We have a hard time describing what musical style we adhere to because we don't like this kind of crap. For a more indepth discussion regarding that, see the music and license discussion. Let's just say we think our music rocks and exposes a good variety of styles, so give it a try!

The name was originally chosen during a mighty drunken brainstorm and was originally intended to be a joke more than anything. As we are originally french-speaking, the name was implicitly translated to "Graines d'orange" which sounds a bit weird here. "Graines" (seeds) or "Graine" (singular, seed) is a slang word often used to designate the male genital organ.

Later, we realized the name meant more than that. It actually comes from the Anthony Burgess novel (Clockwork Orange) later made into a movie by the maestro Stanley Kubrick. Indeed, one can interpret both names (the novel and the band's) in many ways, my favorite being the following. The Orange is the human. And the natural, strong, intense, refreshing colorful, creative human. The Clockwork Orange is the mechanized humans that are already dead. The drones that work from 9 to 5 in corporate lies. So the "Orange" symbolism represents the vivid, happy, colorful but sometimes acid (or vitriolic) way.

For a more in-depth interpretation of the novel's title, along with original author's quotes and more analysis on the novel and the movie, please see A Clockwork Web Page.

"Seeds" is then only a natural extension (again meant as a sexual offense for sensible hearts) to the word. It could be interpreted as "source", "generator", or whatever semantic "seeds" falls into.

Wether we are the seeds or the oranges is left for you to judge. I, personnally, see myself as both, reciprocally contained.

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