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Benefit for L'Insomniaque La Place à Côté july 18th 5$ Code d'Éthique all posters

Past shows

Many shows are missing here, I'll add them when I'll have enough free time.

What Where When How much With who Extra
Party de Noël de l'Anonyme L'X, 182 Ste-Catherine E, Montreal Thursday, December 19th As you can pay Jeunesse Apatride, Exo Cortex and Beauty Dropout click to enlargePrintable version
(small file, big file,
Show in Jonquière Jonquière Weekend of semptember 14th To be determined Code d'Éthique and Sasquatch  
Official Burn Your TV CD launch! Club Zone 1186 Crescent (lower cresent, don't worry!), near the Overdale Squat. Lucien-Lallier or Peel Metro March 29th 2002, 9PM 5$ Influenza and Chef Groleau et ses amis (Sasquatch cancelled, unfortunatly)

Please also see the pictures of that show.

Bénéfice Food Not Bombs Café Chaos 1635 St-Denis October 4th, 9PM 5$ Eks Niilo and Gnou Suspect click to enlarge

We also have a pdf version availble of the poster, that might be more suitable for printing.

Show at the Festival d'Expression de la Rue Place Pasteur, St-Denis st. between Maisonneuve and Ste-Catherine, Montréal (yes, that's outdoors). September 13th 2001, 20:30 FREE! Body Bag, Boulimique Food Fight, etc audio track of that show, recorded on a camcorder, so it's really awful. You've been warned.
Benefit Show for the Quebec Arrestees Café Chaos May 28th 2001, 21 hours 5$ Influenza, Wave, Orange Seeds
Bonus! 2 shocking posters:
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